Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

These terms and conditions of service constitute a legally binding contract between the “Company” and the “Customer”. In the event the Company renders services and issues a document containing Terms and Conditions governing such services, the Terms and Conditions set forth in such other document(s) shall govern those services.

Limitation of Actions :

  1. Unless subject to a specific statute or international convention, all claims: Against the Company for a potential or actual loss, must be made in writing and Received by the Company, within 90 days of the event giving rise to claim; the failure to give the Company Timely notice shall be a complete defence to any suit or action commenced by Customer.
  2. All suits against Company must be filed and properly served on Company as follows:
    1. For claims arising out of ocean transportation, within 1 year from the date of the loss;
    2. For claims arising out of air transportation, within 1 year from the date of the loss;
    3. For claims arising out of the preparation and/or submission of an import entry(s), within 30 days from the date of liquidation of the entry(s);
    4. For any and all other claims of any other type, within 30 days from the date of the loss or damage.

No Liability for the Selection or Services of Third Parties and/or Routes : Unless services are performed by persons or firms engaged pursuant to express written instructions from the Customer, Company shall use reasonable care in its selection of third parties, or in selecting the means, route and procedure to be followed in the handling, transportation, clearance and delivery of the shipment; advice by the Company that a particular person or firm has been selected to render services with respect to the goods, shall not be construed to mean that the Company warrants or represents that such person or firm will render such services nor does Company assume responsibility or liability for any actions(s) and/or inaction(s) of such third parties and/or its agents, and shall not be liable for any delay or loss of any kind, which occurs while a shipment is in the custody or control of a third party or the agent of a third party; all claims in connection with the Act of a third party shall be brought solely against such party and/or its agents; in connection with any such claim, the Company shall reasonably cooperate with the Customer, which shall be liable for any charges or costs incurred by the Company.

Quotations Not Binding :Quotations as to fees, rates of duty, freight charges, insurance premiums or other charges given by the Company to the Customer are for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice; no quotation shall be binding upon the Company unless the Company in writing agrees to undertake the handling or transportation of the shipment at a specific rate or amount set forth in the quotation and payment arrangements are agreed to between the Company and the Customer.

Advancing Money :All charges must be paid by Customer in advance unless the Company agrees in writing to extend credit to customer; the granting of credit to a Customer in connection with a particular transaction shall not be considered a waiver of this provision by the Company.

C.O.D. or Cash Collect Shipments : Company shall use reasonable care regarding written instructions relating to “Cash/Collect on Deliver (C.O.D.)” shipments, bank drafts, cashier’s and/or certified checks, letter(s) of credit and other similar payment documents and/or instructions regarding collection of monies but shall not have liability if the bank or consignee refuses to pay for the shipment.

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